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  1. DATA - All scientific data such as values of an entity, physical constants, formula, equations and data of elements.
  2. CONTENT - The content of the web site including text descriptions, general layout, the way the information is being presented and certain art works, images and graphs.
  3. REFERENCES - Any commercial products, external web links to other web contents and all other reference sources including books, scientific journals and other 'hard copy' materials provided in this web site.

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No copyright is claimed on the DATA. They belong to the public domain and you can distribute and use them as wishes.

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Any individual or organizations who own web sites can insert HTML reference links from their web site to any web pages in the SITE without any further modification, provided the copyright of the web pages to which they are linked are clearly indicated.

Unless explicit consent has been given to you, the CONTENT must not be duplicated or altered, in form or in part, in any way for any commercial purposes, for profits or otherwise, including but not limited to sell, rent, lease, license, distribute and store (in any medium). You are not allowed to design your web site or any form of electronic or physical work that incoporate the elements of Etacude such as to give the impression that Etacude is part of your site or work.

However, permission is granted to quote or copy short extracts of the CONTENT. In this case, appropriate copyright byline or source acknowledgement, such as shown below, is to be included:

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Note that, for educational purposes, if you copy part of or whole of the CONTENT and claim it as your own is regarded as an act of plagiarism. Such act is not permitted.

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