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Science Park


Introduction to astronomy and astronomical telescopes, including some definitions of basic astronomy jargons.


Introduction to chemistry, topics including atoms, formula symbols, laws and the Periodic Table of the Elements.

Computer Simulation

Introduction to the use of computer in modelling. Use of Java applet to illustrate computational modelling and simulations in subject areas such as Talk to Computer, Life, Monte Carlo and Fractals.

Fun Science Project

Various science projects for school and summer camp activities, such as Growing Crystals, Gas Generator and Separating Mixtures.

Learning Zone

On-line learning and teaching resources for pupils and schools. So far topics available are Reactivity Series and Periodic Table of Elements. More will be included in the future.

New Discovery (Particle Physics)

List of some important discoveries related to particle physics in chronological order. Only from year 2001 onwards. Note that the list is not exhaustive and may not include the latest news.

Particle Physics

Describe some basic concepts of particle physics, suitable for those who are new to the subject with a little science background.

Stellar Astronomy

Details of some stars and other celestial objects, classified according to the constellations from which they are located. This is a subsection of the Astronomy. Still under construction.

Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodic Table

On-line reference of the standard Periodic Table of The Elements, up to the element Ds-110. A list of values classified according to Physical, Electronic and Themodynamics behavior of an element.

Sorting Elements

User-defined element sortings according to their characteristics.

Encyclopedia of Chemicals

Periodic Table

On-line reference of inorganic chemicals, arranged in the standard Periodic Table of The Elements. Include physical and thermodyanmic data, preparation, behavior and uses.


Science Dictionary

Quick reference to scientific terms and jargons, in clear and concise manners, for a wide range of science subjects: chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, earth sciences, etc.

Data Center

Science Constants

List of science constants.

Data conversion

Lists of conversion factors of one unit measurement into another.

Survey and Statistics

Collection of survey data of visitors' view on various scientific topics including environmental, science policy and educations.


Educational and science products for sales

Poster prints, apparel, mugs and mouse mats (Directed to third-party site Zazzle).

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Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

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